Hope Station Not On Board With Proposed Mural Project

Oct 15, 2019

Tammie Gitt The Sentinel – Aug 20, 2019

A proposed mural at Hope Station does not have the support of Hope Station itself.

“Let me begin by stating that our organization does not support, nor have we endorsed the current proposal. That being said, we are open to continued dialogue on this topic,” wrote Hope Station Executive Director Safronia Perry in a letter sent to Carlisle’s parks and recreation department on behalf of the nonprofit organization’s board of directors.

In the letter, Perry said a volunteer expressed an interest in creating the mural during Hope Station’s Juneteenth event. While not objecting to the idea, Perry said it would have to be discussed further and said the proposal “would require input from the community, the Hope Station Board of Directors, and the Carlisle Borough,” according to the letter.

The letter also acknowledged that Perry suggested those proposing the mural contact the borough, but neither she nor Hope Station acted “unilaterally in authorizing this proposal.”

The information comes after The Sentinel talked to artist Rob Davis about the idea for an Emma Thompson McGowan mural at Hope Station.

What concerns Perry most is that the project has been presented as having Hope Station’s endorsement from the beginning and the effect the perceived endorsement could have during fundraising.

“Let me reiterate that Hope Station has not consented to use of our name, image, or branding on any documents or communications associated with this proposal. This being the case, the community should know that any contributions to the project are not recognized by Hope Station for tax-exempt purposes,” the letter said.

“There’s so much more that needs to be done before a mural,” Perry said in a phone call to The Sentinel Tuesday.

There’s graffiti that needs to be removed from the building, bricks that need to be repainted and other repairs, she said.

The letter to the parks and recreation board said Hope Station has not been presented with a formal proposal for the mural, which should include information on its purpose, the way it would represent Hope Station and its community, what preparation work would need to be done and information on maintaining the finished mural.

“We are open to suggestions from community residents, leaders, and volunteers and feel that such suggestions should be openly discussed, vetted, and weighed in relation to the Hope Station mission and vision,” the letter said.

Source: The Sentinel


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